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From darkness to light


Loss of an eye to disease or trauma (injury) is an unfortunate incident, with its implications beyond just the loss of vision. The continued suffering of a painful or disfigured eye and the social

stigma attached, leads to psychological setbacks for the patient.

For all such patients, we bring the good looks and confidence back with our custom made artificial eye/ customised ocular prosthesis.It is an artificial eye, made of acrylic, after taking measurements from your damaged eye, to closely match the size, colour and look of your normal other eye. Once fitted, it becomes difficult to differentiate from a normal eye. It is only a cosmetic procedure and does not provide vision.

Akal eye hospital is the first and the only centre in North India to make the customized ocular prosthesis.

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Also we are the only centre in India where an ophthalmologist makes the prosthesis, best suited to the patient’s needs.

Most other artificial eye centres use stock eyes(readymade artificial eyes) for the prosthesis which are associated with multiple problems.

We offer custom-made ocular prosthesis, which make for superior user-comfort and better look (as close to the natural eye as possible).

Any patient who has an anophthalmic socket (eye socket without an eye) may benefit from custom- made prosthesis which maybe

  • Post-surgical i.e. after surgical removal of eye for intra-ocular tumor, infection, or trauma( injury) .None of these conditions is a contraindication for fitting of a custom prosthesis
  • A disfigured blind eye with volume loss such as with phthisis bulbi (small, shrunken eye)
  • A painful blind eye
  • An anterior staphyloma (disfigured, ugly looking eye)
  • Congenital anomalies (defects since birth) such as severe microphthalmos ( abnormally small eye) or anophthalmos (absent eye)
  • A patient who has been previously using stock eyes(readymade prosthesis), experiencing irritation,pain,discharge, improper closure or squinting look with stock eye.

Before fitting of the custom prosthesis, the socket is assessed to ensure that it is healthy. There should not be any active infection or inflammation, excessive tenderness(painful to touch) or sensitivity.

The space available in the eye(fornices) must be adequate to support the prosthesis.

Ideally, the patient should come for an assessment of the socket or eye before the appointment for prosthesis is fixed, and any condition requiring treatment will be treated beforehand.

A customised prosthesis may be fitted in most situations without further surgery. However, prior surgical procedures may be necessary in selected cases.

As the customized prosthesis are manufactured from high-grade acrylic, they are tissue friendly & extremely durable. Very little special care is required. The removal, cleaning and maintenance of the prosthesis is easy and is taught to the patient or the attendant, so that he/she can do it on his/her own as per need.

Once the patient is accustomed to the eye, it can be worn continuously. It can also be removed and cleaned once every fortnight.

Yes, it is rather a MUST for a child with lost or disfigured eye to have an orbital implant and custom ocular prosthesis as soon as possible for adequate growth of the bony orbit(eye socket), failing which, asymmetrical growth of the same may lead to disfigured appearance of face which is difficult to treat when grown up.

The use of the custom prosthesis does not cause any harm to the other eye. Rather, in badly injured and disfigured eye, with poor hope of vision, timely surgery can save the other eye(prevents sympathetic ophthalmia).

Custom prosthesis can be used for many years. Annual follow-up for polishing of the surface prolongs the life of the prosthesis.

Benefit of Customised Prosthesis over available stock eyes

  • Superior matching of iris colour, iris size, scleral colour to the other eye.
  • Superior prosthesis motility i.e. better movements than the readymade artificial eye(stock eye).
  • High quality materials with superior polished surface eliminate the conjunctival irritation and discharge often associated with stock eye.
  • In cases where commercially available stock eyes do not fit, customized prosthesis is ideal.
  • Will not show volume disparity or centration defect (squint) unlike stock eye.
  • Higher durability over years,
  • Reasonable cost at AEH.

AEH,being the first & only centre in North India to provide these services, has an endless list of happy and satisfied patients, who have regained their beauty and confidence with the custom ocular prosthesis.

If the eye is found to be normal in the pre-fitting assessment, it takes around two working days to make and fit the prosthesis and after a single follow up visit, 3-4 days of fitting, the patient may go back to his/her respective country.

The patient can consult an ophthalmologist anywhere is the world in case of any issues with the prosthesis.

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