From darkness to light


The branch in ophthalmology dealing with beauty in and around the eyes is called as oculoplasty.
It includes medical and surgical procedures to enhance the beauty of your eyes and face.

It includes treatment for:

Drooping of eyelids is called as ptosis. Not only it appears unattractive cosmetically, it also interferes with vision.

In-turning of the eyelids is called entropion. Causes foreign body sensation in the eyes along with watering.

Out-turning of the eyelids is called ectropion. Leads to watering eyes.

Wrinkles in and around the eyes are treated with the help of botox and fillers.

Dark circles:
Dark circles around the eyes appear very unsightly. they are removed with the help of chemical peels.

Watering eyes:
Watering eyes due to structural or functional diseases of the lacrimal apparatus. Surgical treatments like dacryorhinostomy (DCR) are available.