Dr. Balbir Singh Bhaura

Dr. Balbir Singh Bhaura( Eye Surgeon )

(Medical Director)


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Dr. Balbir Singh Bhaura a known eye surgeon and his wife Dr. Pushpinder Kaur also a senior ophthalmologist both directors of an eye hospital of Jalandhar are really an innovative couple.

Bhaura regrets that people do not liberally come up to donate eyes. Near and dear ones of the dead prefer consigning the eye to flames rather than seeing them still alive, bring joy and precious sight in the dark world of someone. He himself set an example by donating eyes of his dear mother.

The inherent qualities of leadership are quite apparent in Bhaura’s various pursuits. He had been founder organizing secretary of Punjab Ophthalmology Society and he has also the founder of Jalandhar Ophthalmology Society. Not only the field of ophthalmology Bhaura is associated with a lot more organization as well. ‘Dharat Suhavi’ (obliging Earth) is one such organization which is engaged in environmental improvement. One of his project in association with Sant Baldir Singh Sichewal is the cleansing of ‘Vein’ the rivulet of Sultanpur Lodhi where Guru Nanak got spiritual enlightenment. A true Sikh and a wonderful human being he feels that the preaching of religion of Guru Nanak is not at all satisfactory. It is really surprising to note that despite his very tight schedule he manages some hours for this noble cause. He organizes missionary gatherings. He regularly organizes free eye operation camps throughout the year while in the month of March every year it is free surgery dedicated to his father.

Bhaura is an ardent animal lover too. At his farm he has a fligth of ducks and pigeons. When the doctor arrives at the farm, it becomes a spectacular scene; the birds and dogs run in a competitive way to welcome their master first and make funny noises. Bhaura believes in commitment to sustained pursuit of research. It is the result of Bhaura’s approach that his research papers continue to be published in ophthalmology journals. Bhaura has represented India at various international conferences of ophthalmology. His participation was especially noted at the one held in Islamabad. Last year again he hit the Pakistan news headlines when he demonstrated his unique techniques before a mammoth gathering (300)of Pakistan ophthalmologists in Quetta.

Dr. Bhaura and his wife Dr. Pushpinder Kaur both senior practicing eye surgeons were invited to present their papers in the international Eye Conference at Quetta. He is a dedicated surgeon and believes in excelling whatever he does. His endeavour is to acquire the latest in the field of ophthalmology. He is the first surgeon in North India to perform cataract surgery with Phakonit using Rollable lenses through one mm incision. His theatre is one of the well equipped in the region. He is first to import Muller Wieler’s most advanced microscope in India. When we had gone to interview this dynamic surgeon we were surprised to note that Akal Hospital was imparting education to foreigner ophthalmologists too. A lady doctor from Indonesia greeted us with a broad smile.


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