Vitreo Retinal Surgery


What is Vitreoretinal surgery?

Vitreoretinal Surgery is an array of steps to be followed inside or around the area of your eye. It is usually done to relive to fasten varied disease of the macula, retina and vitreous fluid of an eye. This surgery is usually performed by professional Vitreoretinal surgeons. In this process of surgery, doctors generally detach the vitreous, a jelly-like substance present inside in your eye and this jelly-like substance is been replaced by a saline solution. Diabetic patients can restore his/her eye vision after the Vitroretinal Surgery by removing vitreous and replace it with saline fluid.

Symptoms Or Causes Of Vitreoretinal

• Night Blindness
• Blinking of an eye
• Extremely painful eyes
• Severe light sensitivity
• Darkening in central or peripheral eyesight
• Deflection in central eyesight, for example, wavy lines
• Misrepresentation of printed words while reading
• Instantaneously loss of eyesight
• Infection inside the eyes
• Severe eye injury
• Sometimes wrinkles appear in the retina of your eye
• Injured blood vessels in your retina

Prevention Of Vitreoretinal Surgery

This Vitroretinal disease can be prevented by taking a healthy diet and drinking a sufficient amount of fresh juices and water. It can also be prevented by having regular eye check-up with your ophthalmologist or whenever you find any symptoms in your eye mentioned above

Benefits Of Vitreoretinal Surgery

The benefits you could able to receive after performing Vitroretinal Surgery is that you can able to restore your eyesight and you can see distant images. Your eyesight will be so much clear that you could even able to read small words printed in books or newspapers. Your severe eye pain due to damage to your retina will disappear soon after the 3-4 days of surgery.

Precautions After Vitreoretinal Surgery

Here are some of the precautions should be taken after the Vitreoretinal Surgery
• Avoid driving any vehicle for 48 hours after surgery
• Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking
• Always wash your hands before putting your eye drop
• Eyeshield should be compulsory worn while bathing, showering or washing your hairs
• Avoid washing the nearby area of your eye while washing your face
• Try to clean your eyes with boiled cooled and water and cotton
• Avoid lifting weight or swimming for a minimum of 2 weeks
• Paracetamol or Ibuprofen is usually recommended by doctors to take for 3-4 days after surgery because of the severe eye pain
• Avoid taking sleeping tablets after your Vitreoretinal Surgery
• Take complete rest for at least 24 hours after surgery
• Avoid visiting the place where you find most of the dust such as gardens or crowded roads
• Ensure that shampoo or hair dye does not enter in your eye as this may trouble your eyes

A certified and experienced Ophthalmologist who is well experienced in Vitreoretinal Surgery can perform this surgery. You can consult with Dr. Sunil Mehra at Akal Hospital for your Vitreoretinal disease treatment


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