Blade-free LASIK

From darkness to light

Imagine waking up to a crisp and clear view of the world, free from depending on Glasses and Contact Lenses. Imagine yourself enjoying the monsoon showers without the spectacle blur; letting your spirit free while playing your favourite sport with no fear of losing your contact lens…

Akal Eye Hospital is one of the first few and the leading eye centres of North India to start with refractive surgery procedures. We have an experience of over a decade in refractive surgery during which our surgeons have operated upon thousands of patients. We are committed to offer quality vision to our patients and so we offer you the latest and fastest vision correction procedure, which takes just 10 minutes to perform and is way ahead of conventional LASIK procedures.


The chance of any complication with the time tested refractive procedure of LASIK is very rare, if performed by an expert surgeon. Even then, the fear of using a blade on the cornea and associated complications has prevented many qualified patients from enjoying the benefits of LASIK vision correction. We, at Akal Eye Hospital, understand and respect your fears and we have for you, the blade-free LASIK.

Also called as the femtosecond LASER.

Many of us are aware of the nanotechnology, which is indeed awe inspiring. Now, imagine something which is many times smaller and more precise than the ‘nano’- its the ‘femto’. This is precisely the ‘femto’ of the femtosecond laser, which is our blade-free laser. Interesting, is it not?


INTRALASE® FS LASER revolutionises the LASIK procedure.

Steps in the LASIK procedure:

First, the surgeon creates a micro-thin corneal flap with the help of a Femtosecond LASER.The surgeon controls flap diameter, depth, hinge location and width, and side-cut architecture for each patient in the most precise manner- the kind of control which no other technology but femtosecond laser can give.

Second,the physician exposes the prepared corneal bed for excimer laser treatment with EYE-Q LASIK, by lifting the flap. The LASIK procedure is complete when the flap is securely repositioned on its bevelled edge.

Prior to the IntraLase laser, LASIK’s first step was done manually with an oscillating razor blade, called a microkeratome. The flap is then lifted to expose the inner cornea for the second step:- vision treatment by the excimer laser.

Though it is a time tested procedure, it still has some inherent limitations like the precision of control to the kind of cases it can treat. Certain high risk cases which are unfit for a conventional lasik surgery can be performed safely and successfully on a blade-free one.


For the majority of top U.S. ophthalmic surgeons and teaching institutions, the IntraLase iFS laser is the technology of choice, and so it is with us.

  • It is a daycare procedure – you leave the laser centre within hours Safety.
  • It eliminates the risk of major blade and mechanical device related complications.
  • Better outcomes are demonstrated the world over, IntraLASIK recipients consistently obtain better levels of vision beyond 6/6 or 20/20.
  • Significant number of patients previously unsuitable for traditional LASIK surgery due to high risk involved can be safely treated.
  • Vision improves significantly within hours of surgery.
  • Highly predictable and the most precise.
  • Minimal discomfort.
  • Use of disposable instruments further reduces the already minor risk of infection.
  • It is a FDA approved machine.ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q  LASIK laser
  •  Taking human sight beyond 20/20 is possible with this latest technology, proven for safety and consistency.
  •  PerfectPulse Technology® ensures safe and precise work at a high speed.
  • The high-speed eye-tracker follows the eye’s fastest movements, checking the eye’s position 400 times per second to ensure an accurate placement of each laser pulse on the cornea.
  •  It customizes every treatment to the patient’s individual prescription and cornea.
  • Brings you closer to achieving your desire for perfect vision.
  • This technology, represents a new generation in laser vision technology.
  • Gives a better quality of vision especially at night, better depth perception and contrast sensitivity.
  • NASA Approved advanced LASIK for Astronauts in 2008. It testifies that today’s LASIK exceeds all established standards of safety and effectiveness.

Though your fitness in LASIK is decided by your refractive surgeon after doing complete screening at the hospital in general.

Ideal Candidate is the one who is –

  • Over 18 year of age
  • Has stable spectacle number since at least 6 months
  • Is free from any eye diseases
  • Is not pregnant or nursing
  • Has sufficient corneal thickness

These are the primary requirements. You can check your fitness for the procedure here- Am I eligible for LASIK?

Yes, if the requisite tests and above criteria are followed:

  • If done after a thorough screening
  • At a good centre with experienced surgeons
  • Using latest equipment

It is an FDA approved procedure.

The FDA recognizes LASIK as proven, safe and effective. According to guidelines recently released by the Eye Surgery Education Council (ESEC) , less than 1% of patients who have received LASIK to date have experienced serious, vision-threatening problems. There are no known cases of blindness resulting from LASIK.

The entire process takes less than ten minutes in which the laser treatment itself takes only a few seconds.

The procedure is painless. Post surgery, minor foreign body sensation maybe experienced for a few hours, before the eye settles down completely. No sedation, no eye pads, no injections required; only eye drop anaesthesia.

No, the patient can go home immediately after the LASIK Treatment.

With the modern surgical techniques available with us, higher and higher numbers can be operated upon with LASIK, depending upon the corneal thickness and keratometry values.

A complete eye examination will be performed to determine if you are a suitable candidate.

  • Accurate Refraction
  • Pachymetry – To measure the thickness of cornea
  • Topography -Its almost like a fingerprint of the cornea. This is individual to each eye and forms the basis of the entire procedure. It is important to rule out some corneal diseases like keratoconus.
  • Keratometry– To measure corneal curvature the keratometer evaluates the cornea for any irregularity or any surface defect .
  • Applanation Tonometry – To measure intraocular pressure.
  • Indirect Opthalmoscopy – To rule out any retinal pathology.
  • Other investigations to rule out any infection in the body

If you fit into the prescribed criteria, then only surgery can be performed .

The day Before the LASIK procedure:

  • You should start the antibiotic drops you have been given.
  • Stop using any eye makeup, lash extenders or kajal.
  • Minimize any exposure to excessive cigarette smoke or dust.

On the Day of the LASIK procedure:

  • Wash your face with soap ad warm water. Wash your eyes thoroughly with water prior to coming.
  • Remember to bring all your papers, your fresh spectacle refraction, topography maps with you when you come for the LASIK.
  • LASIK is true ambulatory procedure. There is no admission. You simply lie on the laser bed and once complete, you can walk out. The actual laser time is literally measured in seconds. There is no pain at all.

The recovery of vision following LASIK is speedy. One can resume normal activities within 24 hours. No physical, visual or dietary restrictions are necessary.

Generally you can resume work after 48 hrs. However, for people working in a dusty environment it is prudent to take care for a few extra days.

In the overwhelming majority of people (more than 96%), LASIK is completely successful where the patient can live a life with healthy vision for a very long time.

We offer many other options to the patients, with very high numbers and thinner corneas, who are unfit for LASIK, like epi-LASIK, LASEK, SBK, ICL, RLE, etc. To sum up, let us say, If you come to Akal Eye Hospital with a wish to gain freedom from your glasses, we will do it for you as we have a wide variety of options to do the same.
We have an endless list of happy and satisfied patients, who are enjoying life without spectacles and contact lenses. To make the decision that is right for you, discuss with your eye specialist.

  • Most advanced form of LASIK technology in the world with two latest Excimer laser units and the most advanced Blade-free, All Laser Lasik.
  • High level of safety, accuracy and reliability.
  • Sight after surgery can potentially improve beyond 6/6 vision.
  • Fast recovery, clear vision within a few hours.
  • Treats very high numbers safely.
  • Freedom from the problems and expenses of glasses and contact lenses.
  • Greater career opportunities.
  • Enhances looks and self-confidence.