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Loss of an eye to disease or trauma (injury) is an unfortunate incident, with its implications beyond just the loss of vision. The continued suffering of a painful or disfigured eye and the social the stigma attached leads to psychological setbacks for the patient.
For all such patients, we bring the good looks and confidence back with our custom made artificial eye/ customised ocular prosthesis. It is an artificial eye, made of acrylic, after taking measurements from your damaged eye, to closely match the size, colour and look of your normal another eye. Once fitted, it becomes difficult to differentiate from a normal eye. It is only a cosmetic procedure and does not provide vision.

Which patients need an artificial eye/customised prosthesis?

  • Post-surgical i.e. after surgical removal of an eye for intra-ocular tumor, infection, or trauma (injury). None of these conditions is a contraindication for fitting of a custom prosthesis.
  • A disfigured blind eye with volume loss such as with phthisis bulbi (small, shrunken eye) or A painful blind eye.
  • Congenital anomalies (defects since birth) such as severe microphthalmos ( abnormally small eye) or anophthalmos (absent eye).
  • A patient who has been previously using stock eyes(readymade prosthesis), experiencing irritation, pain, discharge or improper closure.

Why choose Akal Eye Hospital for artificial eye surgery?

Akal Eye Hospital is the first and the only centre in North India to make the customized ocular prosthesis. Also, we are the only centre in India where an ophthalmologist makes the prosthesis, best suited to the patient’s needs. Most other artificial eye centres use stock eyes (readymade artificial eyes) for the prosthesis which are associated with multiple problems. We offer custom-made ocular prosthesis, which makes for superior user-comfort and a better look (as close to the natural eye as possible).


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