Blade Free LASIK Laser (ਬਲੇਡ ਫਰੀ ਲਸਿਕ)


What is Blade Free LASIK?

In the traditional LASIK surgery, the first step often involves creating a flap with a handheld metal blade called microkeratome. But nowadays it has become outdated due to the advent of blade-free LASIK. Blade free LASIK makes use of a laser called Intralase to replace the metal blade in traditional LASIK.
The Intralase laser is used to create the flap in the first step. It provides great safety and accuracy just like a cold beam laser controlled by a computer. The process is safe and unique as the surgeon uses a laser to create the corneal flap.

Benefits of Blade-Free LASIK

The process is quick and painless. It provides a long-lasting visual enhancement. It reduces dependence on glasses and lenses to a great extent. The process is incredibly fast and takes about 20-30 minutes. Numbing eyedrops minimize the pain.
The recovery period is pretty quick for this process and patients can experience improved vision within 24 hours. Enhanced vision: Most patients achieve a 20/40 vision after undergoing blade-free LASIK surgery. And the improvement is expected to last for a long time. The surgery can improve what and how well a person is able to see.

Precautions of Blade-Free LASIK

There are a few precautions that patients need to follow after undergoing a blade-free LASIK surgery: No showering or washing the hair until at least the next day. Avoid getting non-sterile water into the eyes for the first few days. Do not rub the eyes for at least a month. Wear the goggles given by the doctor while sleeping during the first week. Avoid pools, saunas, lakes and stuff like that. No exercise for two days. Avoid dusty and dirty environments. Wear sunglasses on bright and sunny days.

Cost of Blade Free LASIK

The costs of Blade free LASIK is higher than traditional LASIK for obvious reasons. It uses an all-laser method to correct the problems without using the metal to create a flap.
The patients are willing to pay this extra cost due to the reduced chances of complications and better overall results and enhanced vision. The benefits offered by the blade-free LASIK surgery makes up easily for the extra amount paid. It is a good investment where everyone is happy.

If you are looking to enhance your vision by using blade-free LASIK technology, Dr. Pushpinder is here to see that the process is carried out smoothly and under expert supervision. He handles blade-free LASIK and has treated several patients and improved their vision on a long-term basis. Get in touch to know more.


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