Cataract (ਚਿੱਟਾ ਮੋਤੀਆ)


What is Cataract?

When people grow old, they experience a cloud type filling on the natural lens of the eyes, which is called a cataract. You might have seen people losing vision at old age, cataract is the sole reason behind this problem. There are several types of cataracts that can harm the eyes, a subcapsular cataract, nuclear cataract, and cortical cataract. People affected with cataracts may go through problems like an unclear vision while driving in the dark, witnessing halos if any light approaches, etc. Not only at night, you will also experience vision problems in the day time, like 'foggy vision' for too much brightness. If you face such issues, get an immediate check-up at a reputed eye hospital.

Benefits of cataract surgery

It helps to improve vision, hence, in turn, enhances the quality of life at a later age. Secondly, it also helps you to prevent falling and fractures, without proper vision, you can encounter many other problems. However, a standard surgery by an expert eye surgeon, you will get a new life. When the cataract is removed, you have gained the liberty to perform many of your loved activities again. One small and simple procedure can help improve your eye-sight, restore inner independence, brighten your mind, and even grant you more age. In case of any issue, please consult the eye specialist for surgeries of cataract.

Precautions after Cataract

In the majority of the cases, before selecting presbyopia, i.e. correcting IOLs, you will need proper reading glasses after the surgery. Along with this, you can also use progressive lenses to secure mild residual errors. The major precautions after surgery are to stop smoking, get some regular eye exercises, do not perform any strenuous activities for more than 2 weeks Do not roam in dusty areas, do not frequently rub eyes, and do not swim. Moreover, consuming green vegetables will help improve eye vision.

Cost of Cataract

The actual price paid for Cataract operation depends on various factors like what types of intraocular lenses (IOL) are used, what technology has been employed and doctor’s certification. Inform the right people through the right channels with Akal Eye hospital. You can search for an eye specialist near me to get the correct estimates. Or, check online and get the facts before you decide to go to a hospital.

Are you suffering from cataracts? You can visit Akal Eye Hospital and go for a check-up. Dr. Balbir & Dr. Satbir are two reputed eye surgeons, available to look into your problem and work further on the processing. To have seamless surgery, you need to rely on trusted doctors, and these doctors have earned a name for themselves. They have successfully completed many surgeries under their supervision. They have a hand in performing cataract operations and helped many people improve their vision.


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