EPI LASIK LASER (ਈਪੀਆਈ ਲਸਿਕ ਲੇਜ਼ਰ)



Epi-LASIK is a method to correct your vision with a laser which is kind of similar to LASIK. Moreover, it is an excellent alternative to the latter technique for sensitive pair of eyes. With epi-LASIK, the flap built over the cornea is thin compared to the ones that are used by LASIK. It has turned out to be beneficial for people who possess a thinner cornea. Also, unlike in LASEK, alcohol-water is not typically employed in the eyes when eye surgeons perform epi-LASIK. It is utilized to release epithelial cells that are present under the corneal stroma. Many reputed and expert doctors favor epi-LASIK above LASEK only for this particular reason, since alcohol is toxic for epithelial cells plus it has the potential to elongate the healing period following the operation.


They offer a surface ablation procedure that has many benefits, including limited complications and minimal postop pain. It is a highly viable alternative to PRK and mechanical scraping. Moreover, it also expedites recovery time and pain that is bearable with medicines. Visual recovery is faster than expected and it is way better than PRK and also offers bilateral procedures. With the employment of epi-LASIK, sixty percent of eyes have 20/40 and enhanced UCVA on the very first day of the post.

Precautions of EPI LASIK LASER

•Avoid shower or hair washing for two days after the surgery.
• Don’t rub off your eyes for a month.
• Do not involve yourself in driving, until you are feeling completely comfortable.
• Wear eyeglasses, shields for sunglasses to protect from minimal dust.
• For a week, do not wash your eyes with tap water.
• Avoid sauna, swimming, and going to lakes for more than three weeks.
• Do not use eye make-up or as a whole face makeup for more than 3 weeks.
• Avoid exercising with high intensity, you cannot even carry on the lower intensity ones, that puts you to extreme exhaustion for a month.
• Try to not go to any dirty or dusty environment.
• If you want, you can also seek expert consultation by searching for eye specialists near me.


The Epi-LASIK price at Akal Eye Hospital depends on multiple factors. We have skilled eye doctors who offer flexible services and other options to treat your eyes by making it a bit affordable. Other factors that affect price are vision prescription, skills of the surgeon, and technology used.

If you are not able to qualify for traditional LASIK because you have very thin corneas, you can opt for EPI LASER LASIK. Dr. Pushpinder is the head of the eye department taking care of all the operations. You must remember that the cost of the prescription is based on your unique prescription.


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