Glaucoma (ਮੋਤੀਆ)


Glaucoma Akal Eye Hospital

Glaucoma is a disease of the eye in which the raised pressure inside the eyeball damages the optic nerve, causing permanent loss of vision. It is often referred to as “The Silent Thief of Vision” as it usually comes without any symptoms. Patients usually have no complaints till the end stage of the disease as it is usually painless.
It is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in India and the world. It causes permanent loss of vision in 1.5 million Indians every year. However, visual loss can be minimised with early diagnosis and treatment. 3-4 % of the Indian population suffers from glaucoma, though half of those suffering damage from glaucoma do not know it.

  • Trabeculectomy with/without Mitomycin C
  • Phacoemulsification with IOL + Trabeculectomy
  • Glaucoma drainage devices
  • Mini Express’ shunt
  • Trabeculotomy
  • Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty
  • Laser Iridotomy
  • Cyclocryotherapy

Why choose Akal Eye Hospital for glaucoma treatment?

  • All kinds of glaucoma surgeries from filtration surgery to glaucoma drainage devices are done at our centre.
  • We were the first hospital in North India, to start doing Express Glaucoma Shunt surgeries.
  • We are the only eye hospital in the region who do blade-free glaucoma surgeries with the help of a plasma knife.

How Glaucoma is treated?

Glaucoma is treated either medically or surgically. Medical Treatment: If the pressure in the eyes can be adequately controlled by medicines, a life-long treatment is required for glaucoma. Regular checkups are necessary and compliance to treatment should be really good to prevent further loss of vision. Surgical Treatment: If the pressure is not adequately controlled with medicines or the case qualifies for surgery due to other reasons, a drainage surgery is done to lower the eye pressure. Regular checkups are recommended after the surgery. Surgery is the treatment modality of choice in careless patients and in patients who cannot afford expensive medications for a lifetime.


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