Strabismus (Squint)


What is Strabismus (Squint)

Strabismus is a problem a lot of people suffer from. It is a condition where the eyes do not align with each other properly while looking at something. The focusing eye can alternate at times. People who suffer from strabismus from childhood can suffer from a loss of depth perception. If someone gets it during adulthood, they have chances of suffering from double vision, if the condition is not treated. The main causes of strabismus are farsightedness, dysfunction of muscles, infections or problems in the brain. The risk factors of strabismus often include cerebral palsy or premature birth.

Signs and symptoms Strabismus (Squint)

• Visible misalignment of the eyes is the primary sign with one of the eyes turning up, down, in, out or at an oblique angle.
• Symptoms include eye strain and headaches. It may at times cause discomfort in reading or fatigue and a jittery vision.

Benefits of strabismus treatment

• Strabismus is a condition that mainly develops during childhood. And surgeries can be performed to treat it.
• Proper alignment of the eyes after the surgery makes the amblyopia therapy much less intense. Several symptoms like eye strain, fatigue or double vision can be eliminated by performing the surgery.
• Performing strabismus surgery can restore the normal condition of the eyes and the relationship with other facial features as well.
• The surgery also helps in minimizing future risks of loss of depth perception. However, the decision is entirely up to the patient and their family whether they want to undergo the surgery or not.

Precautions to be kept in mind after strabismus surgery

• The patient needs to be monitored regularly after the surgery has been performed.
• Children who have undergone the surgery can go back to school after 3-4 days of rest.
• Adults need to avoid driving for 4-5 days and may need a week before they can normally return to their work.
• Rest is important and stress needs to be avoided for a few days. Activities that might cause strain should not be engaged in.
• Swimming is a strict no-no for at least two weeks as the water in pools can cause problems.

Cost of strabismus surgery

Strabismus surgery is a process with several complexities. The surgery needs highly skilled doctors and top of the line medical equipment. The cost varies from surgeon to surgeon and facility to facility. It is best to get details and reviews before deciding since it is a costly procedure.

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